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The precision and measurement accuracy of the vibration monitoring systems used are key factors for those responsible for monitoring machinery. To this end, we have set up a fully-equipped calibration laboratory at our plant in Nürtingen.

All of our vibration monitoring systems are 100% tested in our calibration laboratory. All data is summarised and documented in a report.

The following steps are executed for the sensors:

Calibration at 90% of the measuring range at 159.2 Hz
Testing, illustrating and documenting the frequency range
Testing the linearity
When the frequency range below 10 Hz is tested, a laser system is used as a standard to enhance the test quality.
The standards and standard measuring equipment used for calibration are regularly calibrated.

We recommend recalibrating our vibration monitoring systems at defined intervals. This ensures greater quality and durability of the measurement systems. HAUBER-Elektronik will help you optimise the protection for your machinery and systems in the long term.