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Anti Vibration Pad - AVP


Vibratecs Anti-Vibration Pad series is an elastomer isolator primarily used for vibration isolation of rotating machinery and other equipment. The pad is available in 6 different stiffnesses that are chosen based on load. Two different heights are available resulting in different deflection and resonance frequency (see table).

Temperature range: -30°C – +70°C

The elastic material Regufoam has been tested for chemical resistance in accordance with DIN 53428.

Regufoam is resistant to most solvents, shows excellent resistance to most oils and greases, good resistance to diluted acids at room temperature and excellent resistance to diluted alkalis. Concentrated acids and alkalis cause damage.

Regufoam in low density absorbs water to some extent and to a lesser extent in high density. This does not damage the material.

Only for land-based applications: protection of sensitive equipment, computer racks, electronic equipment and suspensions of machinery.

For marine applications please see Wire Rope Isolators, the VTCI-range or 7002.

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