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Flow meter


Consumption / flow measurement – sensor technology
Flow meter for consumption measurement in compressed air and gas

Find the right flowmeter and flowmeters that fit your unique needs.

With sensor technology from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES, you can precisely and reliably record all relevant parameters at the critical control points of the compressed air. And these provide you with the basis for energy- and cost-saving decisions.
You can only fully answer the question of whether your production is optimally set up from an economic point of view if you know the current volume flow requirement of your compressed air. The METPOINT® FLM sensor determines this for you and thus provides the database for intelligent energy management. You recognize savings potential, possible overloads or malfunctions and can optimally dimension your systems. The allocation of consumption shares to production units provides the basis for fact-based decisions. At the same time, it shows how much compressed air is lost in the system due to leakage. The measurement with METPOINT® FLM provides you with all the data you need to match components to one another in the best possible way and to design systems

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