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MINE-X® oxidation purifiers eliminate dangerous carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), odor and particulates from diesel fueled engines. By using the most advanced catalyst formulations, MINE-X oxidation purifiers are able to eliminate dangerous engine emissions even at low exhaust temperatures.

Conversion Efficiency, Quality and Service
Reduce CO by up to 95%
Reduce HC by up to 90%
Reduce particulates by up to 45%
Lowest back-pressure in the market
Stainless steel construction
Standard or custom designs
Easy to install
Honeycomb is brazed, not pinned
Virtually maintenance free
Rapid delivery
Cost effective
MINE-X® oxidation purifiers install directly in the exhaust gas stream between the exhaust manifold and silencer and are available in two designs. The first features two quick release clamps, which enable removal of the purifier center body for easy inspection or replacement. The second design is all-welded and has a fixed purifier center body. The oxidation purifiers are ideal for large diesel applications, where space in the exhaust system is unrestricted.

It is important that the engine exhaust reaches a temperature of at least 200ºC. MINE-X purifiers will operate under a variety of load and speed conditions but will not compensate for a poorly tuned engine. Engine malfunctions such as defective injectors or high lubricating oil consumption can result in loss of purifier efficiency. A new engine should run for some hours before installation of purifier.

Each MINE-X® oxidation purifier contains a patented stainless steel honeycomb, which is brazed to its stainless steel shell through a proprietary vacuum brazing process. This unique brazing process eliminates the possibility of the honeycomb loosening, cracking or telescoping inside the purifier.

DCL is world leader in emmission control technologies. Besides oxidation catalysts, the MINE-X product line comprises three-way catalysts, soot filters and mufflers.

For people who work underground, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter pose serious health risks. MINE-X purifiers clean dangerous exhausts, keeping employees safe and productive.

Vibratec Akustikprodukter designs and supplies complete exhaust systems to diesel-engined service locomotives and trolleys, ordered by the Norwegian State Railways (Jernbaneverket). The photo to the right shows a diesel-engined trolley with a Deutz V-engine supplied with two separate exhaust systems, each comprising expansion joint, MINE-X Oxidation Purifier, exhaust silencer, piping, as well as vibration isolators, just ready for emission measuring control.

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