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Noise Enclosures


Sound insulating enclosures reduce the transfer of noise between the source and the recipient.

We deliver modular standard systems as well as custom made solution based on requirements for sound reduction, fire resistance properties and material. For offshore application the enclosures are made completely in AISI 316 together with all necessary documentation needed.

When assembled we measure the final sound reduction on the ready made enclosure, thus ensuring that the enclosure lives up to our promised values.

Vibratec offer two basis designs that can be customized according to client requirements.

A standard modular noise enclosure in galvanized steel or AISI 316 steel. Easy to assemble with bolts, joints and corner profiles. Panel thickness is standard of 25 mm, but can be manufactured in 50 mm thickness or even higher.

A fully customized noise enclosure in either galvanized steel, AISI 316 steel or in sea water resistant aluminum. Typical thickness of panel is from 50-80 mm. This type is typical for offshore use, or for applications with special requirements.

Both concepts offer high noise reduction. Can be designed and manufactured as single panel construction or as box in box construction.

Acoustic design according to acoustic requirements, with the philosophy of making the optimum solution for materials, weight, cost and performance.

In all our projects and solutions for enclosures, the following are or can be included.
Acoustic design/ optimization and calculation of insertion los
CAD drawing in 3D
Tests and measurements
FE analysis
Detailed component engineering
Ventilation design, natural or forced
Silencer design
Manufacturing, testing and installation
Documentation and manuals
Material certificates

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