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NoiseKiller Black


A highly efficient damping compound for structure borne noise in metal, plastic, wood etc.

Noisekiller Black is a unique highly efficient damping compound developed for acoustic improvement of decks and bulkheads, vehicle chassis and other structures that are exposed to vibrations.

NoiseKiller™ Black is a waterbased non-toxic damping compound suitable for exterior use and as a replacement of undercoating. NoiseKiller™ Black has good adhesion to most materials including sheet metal, plastics, fiberglass etc. The final product is totally water proof after curing and provides a wear resistant skin.

Application Areas
NoiseKiller™ Black is especially suitable for sounddamping e.g. cars, boats, trains, industry etc.

The surface must be free from grease and dirt. Noisekiller™ Black can be applied by brush, roller or spray. For maximum effect, apply 3 layers, or 1-1,5 mm thickness. 1 litre Noisekiller™ Black makes 1 m2 with 1 mm thickness.

The drying time is approximately 1-6 hours,
depending on the temperature.

Noisekiller™ Black must be stored frost free!

With skin contact, use water and soap to remove
the Noisekiller™ Black with eye contact, wash your
eyes with clean water for 10 – 15 minutes!

Technical Data
Colour: Black
Odour: Odourless when dried
Density 1500 kg/m3
Viscosity: 400+ 100 mPas
Flash point: Over 100°C
Installation temperature: +2 – +80° C
Film thickness: 0,5-2,0 mm
Shelf Life: At least 1 year when
the container is not opened.

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