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NoiseKiller Yellow


A highly efficient damping glue for plywood, particle boards and plaster boards in floors and walls. Noisekiller Yellow is a unique highly efficient visco-elastic damping glue developed for acoustical improvement of floors and walls where there are high demands for sound attenuation.

General Information
NoiseKiller Yellow is a non-toxic damping glue suitable for gluing together plywood, particle and plaster boards. The loss factor of NoiseKiller Yellow is very high and it is possible to improve the impact noise reduction (“Ln) with up to 16 dB by gluing floorboards together with Noisekiller Yellow according to the sandwich principle. Noisekiller Yellow must not be confused with common construction glues since these generally has a very low or no loss factor at all when compared to a visco-elastic material.

Areas of Application
NoiseKiller Yellow is suitable for:

Impact noise reduction in new installations and rebuildings of noise sensitive buildings
Damping of recording studio floors and stage floors
Sound improvement of doors
Floors in heavy vehicles such as busses and trains.
Apply NoiseKiller Yellow on a clean, dry surface. The glue should be applied with a thickness of approximately 1 mm (1 liter per m2) between two plaster-, plywood- or particle boards. The glue can be applied with conventional methods using a serrated spatula or similar. Larger areas can be applied using a spray gun.

The boards are pressed together when the glue is still wet with a pressure of approx. 0,5 kg/cm2. When floors are glued the boards can be sparsely screwed. After the glue has dried the screws are removed.

After complete installation the top surface can be used as an untreated surface when it comes to cutting or milling. The sandwich board has a lower bending stiffness than a homogenous board of the same thickness. To keep the same stiffness the thickness of the board has to be increased by 50%. NoiseKiller Yellow dries in two stages. First the water vaporates (1-3 hours) and then the glue hardens. After ca 24 hours the glue will have achieved the full damping effect.

Technical Data
Colour: Yellow
Odour: Odourless after drying
Density: 1030 kg/m3
Viscosity: 400+ 100 mPas
Flash point: Non flammable
Installation temperature: 0 – +40° C
Film thickness: 1-3 mm (applied in several
Shelf life: At least 6 months in unopened
Drying time: 4-6 hours

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