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oil-water separator ÖWAMAT®


Oil-water separator ÖWAMAT®
Separating condensates safely and efficiently: ÖWAMAT®
The ÖWAMAT® is an oil-water separation system for dispersed condensates that has been tried and tested for decades. It has a building authority approval for the versions with and without free oil separation, for synthetic and mineral oils as well as for the treatment of condensate from piston compressors, and therefore does not require a water law permit.

Efficient condensate treatment
Professional, responsible and safe handling of the discharged condensate is required by law. We support this – with our sustainability philosophy and an extensive range of condensate treatment systems. Our ÖWAMAT® oil-water separation systems are available in six plant-specific sizes with or without pre-separation and combine environmental protection and economy. They enable the environmentally friendly treatment of dispersed condensate directly at the point of origin. It’s economical, efficient – and the inexpensive alternative.

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