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Reapor® is an eco-friendly sound absorber for challenging environments.

The panels are hard, lightweight and fibre-free and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The unique material absorbs noise both between and within the glass granules, resulting in exceptionally high noise reduction.

Reapor® is naturally resistant to both moisture and sunlight and requires no extra protection. If exposed to damp conditions, a sodium residue may appear on the surface, which can easily be washed off.

Reapor® does not contain binders; there are no VOCs to be released and no break down over time. No smoke or volatiles are released when exposed to fire or flames. With no organic substances for bacteria to live on, Reapor® does not support mould growth. Reapor® resists weather, water, UV exposure and is resistant to chlorides and potassium.

Reapor can be used as sound absorber in numerous demanding applications such as tunnels, noise barriers, industries, ceilings, enclosures, garages, fire safety areas etc.

Reapor® panels can be cut and drilled using standard woodworking tools enabling easy installation. Reapor panels are bonded into place using a special adhesive that maintains the panels’ non-combustible characteristics. The adhesive provides a permanent bond between Reapor panels and a variety of common substrates.

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