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V 118 - MG - V 318


Series of all-metal mounts with equifrequency characteristics for the defined load range, capable of high tensile loads.

cast iron upper cup and base
cast iron shaft
all-metal cushion (18/8 stainless steel)
protection: paint and cast iron parts
V 118 – MG : 2,4 kg (approx.)
V 318 : 10 kg (approx.)

Resonance frequencies:

axial : 18 to 25 Hz
radial : 18 to 25 Hz
Maximum sinusoidal input amplitude: ± 0,3 mm
Amplification factor at resonance: < 6 Operational temperature: -70oC to +300oC Ultimate strength: see table Applications suspension of machine-tools: grinding machines, crushing machines, fly-presses, priting machines, textile machinery suspention of rotating machines: engines, pumps, etc, rotating over 2500 rpm suspension of overhead conveyours, metal structures, cabins equipment marine: suspension of engines, exhaust pipes, manifold, etc.

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