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All metal mounts, 18/8 stainless steel wire mesh resilient cushion fixed under the foot. Locating foot in cast iron, paint protection. Suffix “H” with house and levelling screw.

Mounting with a natural frequency of 15-20 Hz within a wide load range. Progressive spring-rate. Designed to absorb high static and dynamic forces for machines without base fitting.
For compression loads only.

Maximum excitation amplitude: ± 0,3 mm.
Dynamic overloading: 5 g.
Magnification factor (Q): < 4. Temperature range: -90°C to +300°C. Applications Vibration isolation of very disturbing machine tools or where a high degree of isolation is required: All types of presses, guillotines, bending-and rolling machines. Suspension of rotating machines operating at over 2500 rpm. Stabilisation of exhaust pipes. Installation Raise the machine Place the mounts under the machine and fasten the bolts Lower the machine until it rests on the mounts Level the machine and lock the nuts. For less disturbing machine tools or where a very stable suspension is necessary, use machine mountings V43 – V46 or V43H – V46H.

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