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Vibratec joist hanger, VT-JH


Vibratec joist hanger, VT-JH, is used for elastic connections of wooden beams to pillars and walls. VT-JH is equipped with both nail and bolt holes and can be mounted to wood, concrete, lightweight concrete or brick walls. Vibratecs joist hanger is CE-approved according to CPR 305/2011.

2 mm HDG steel plate
Nail holes: Ø 5 mm
Screw holes: Ø 9 mm (VT-JH-125) and 11 mm (VT-JH-155)
Regufoam mat
As standard the hanger is made for beams with width 45 mm – other dimensions can be supplied on request.

Deflection: 1-3 mm
Resonance frequency down to 9 Hz.
Installation guidelines
The joist hangers are mechanically fixed to the wall and wooden beams are mounted into the hangers. Please note that the beams should not be screwed as this will cause acoustic bridging. It is also necessary to have a gap of 3-5 mm between the wall and the end of the wooden beam.

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