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Viscotaq® EZ Wrap


Viscotaq® EZ Wrap offers paintable backing, for pipe crossings, tank chimes and flange applications.

An EZ solution for corrosion control:

Stopping corrosion on pipes and tanks is a must in any facility – but it can be a costly, time-consuming process. Or, it used to be.

The Viscotaq® line of corrosion protection products were developed in cooperation with the leading companies in the oil-and-gas industry and polymer engineering companies to be the ultimate solution for corrosion prevention.

Viscotaq® EZ Wrap is a versatile and economical wrap for corrosion control in areas where water infiltration is a problem. The material is strengthened by a fiber mesh embedded in the middle of the material and has a white polyester non-woven fiber top layer that allows for immediate painting or coating after installation. It will adhere to any surface without a primer.

EZ Wrap is the ideal product to seal tank chimes, roofing, air conditioning inlets, and outlets and can be used for the encapsulation of lead.

Excellent sealing and adhesion properties:
Immediate adhesion to steel, PE, PP, epoxy, polyurethane and PVC without roughening
No cure or hardening time required
Storage stable (dry/cool) with an unlimited shelf life

Kit Includes:
Paintable backing, for pipe crossings, tank chimes and flange applications

How It Works
The elasticity of the product gives it the strength and feel of a solid yet always remains in a semi-solid state that provides high-impact strength and allows for high resistance against sheering.

Immediate adhesion to steel, PE, PP, epoxy, polyurethane, and PVC without roughening and with no cure or hardening time required.

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