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Resilient elements: Spring in high tensile steel, cushions in 18/8
stainless steel. Housing in zinc plated steel.

A very soft isolator with integrated adjustable snubbing. Designed
especially for suspension of mobile equipment.

Natural frequency: 5 – 9 Hz.
Mechanical strength: 5 g.
Temperature range: -90°C – +300°C.

Suspension of propulsion engines, generating sets, compressors,
deck houses etc.

The built in snubbers must be adjusted when the suspended
equipment has its working condition. The adjustment is done by
turning the upper part of the housing until a distance (A) of 2 mm
is reached between the house and the snubbing cushions.

The height (H) of the mount should be between 105 – 115 mm,
depending on the load.

With correctly adjusted snubbers the maximum movement will be
± 4 mm in all directions.

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