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VT4412 - VT4413 - VT4422 - VT4423


All metal isolators. Spring in high tensile steel, resilient cushions
made of 18/8 stainless steel wire mesh. Schrolls: aluminium.

Weights (depending on suffix):
VT4412, VT4413: 0,13 – 0.21 kg
VT4422, VT4423: 1.20 – 1.50 kg

Very soft isolators designed for loading in compression only.
Maximum excitation amplitude: ± 1 mm.
Mechanical strength: 2 g.

Natural frequency:
VT4412, VT4422: 6 -8 Hz
VT4413, VT4423: 5 -6 Hz

Amplification factor:
VT4412, VT4422: < 4 VT4413, VT4423: < 5 Temperature range: -90° to +300°C. Applications Isolation of machines rotating at 600 rpm and over (VT4413, VT4423) or 800 rpm and over (VT4412, VT4422) – fans, compressors, generating sets, engines etc. with or without seismic blocks. Protection of fragile equipment from vibrations. The mounts are delivered without mounting flange, which can be ordered separately. For greater static loads, use multiple element isolators (consult us).

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