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Vibratec Cushion Isolator for use as elastic sliding support. Resilient elements and isolator structure parts are all made
of AISI316 stainless steel (A4).

Natural frequency: 15-25 Hz
Maximum excitation amplitude: ± 0,3 mm
Amplification factor (resonance): < 6 Maximum static load: 2000 kg Maximum dynamic overload: 5000 kg Fin thickness (x): 12.5 – 20 mm Allowable expansion (z): 20 mm Temperature range: -90 °C to +350 °C Isolator weight: 7.5 kg Applications Offshore industy/power stations etc. Suspension of high temperature exhausts and ductwork in corrosive environments. Notes The isolator is supplied with extra washers to accommodate ” n thickness variants 12.5, 14, 18 and 20 mm ” n thicknesses. As the elastic elements are very progressive the 14 mm gap can be used for 16 mm ” n thickness as well.

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