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VTCI-300F - VTCI-700F


Resilient elements made of 18/8 stainless steel wire, center mounting pin, casing and flange in steel.

Protection: Ceramic Coating KTL

VT300F: 0,8 kg
VT700F: 0,8 kg

Options: The resilient element and center mounting pin can be supplied in AISI316.

A progressive tension/compression isolator with resonance frequency 15-20 Hz through the load range.

Maximum excitation amplitude: ± 0,3 mm
Amplification factor: < 6 Temperature range: -90 °C to +600 °C Maximum dynamic overload: 2 g Applications Suspension of machine tools in general, especially crushing machines, grinding mills. Elastic suspension of exhaust pipes, engines, pumps, compressors on ships and in vehicles. All reciprocating machinery operating above 30 Hz. For larger loades, use isolators VTCI-1500F , V5654, V318. OLD NAMES: V5651 & V5652

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