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BEKO condensate drain BEKOMAT® - BEKO Tchnologies


BEKO condensate drain BEKOMAT® – BEKO Technologies
Zero Loss Condensate Drain, BEKOMAT®
Condensate forms at almost all stations in the compressed air treatment process. It usually contains oil, is contaminated with dirt particles and spreads throughout the compressed air network. We help you to remove condensate from the compressed air and to achieve the optimum quality for your application: with the BEKOMAT . The first electronically level-controlled condensate drain has meanwhile become synonymous with condensate drainage. Volume-adjusted and with intelligent electronics to prevent compressed air losses, it minimizes energy consumption and costs. This is also confirmed in practice: Well-known compressor manufacturers worldwide rely on the BEKOMAT when it comes to safe and economical condensate drainage. The loss-free air condensate drain BEKOMAT is manufactured by BEKO technologies GmbH in Germany.

Function of the BEKOMAT condensate drain
The BEKOMAT drains the condensate without any loss of compressed air, thus saving energy costs and CO2 emissions. This is made possible by the integrated capacitive sensor, the intelligent electronics for quantity-adapted condensate drainage and the proven pilot control of the solenoid valve.

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