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Booster compressor , KOMPBERG BKB


Booster compressor, KOMPBERG BKB
Booster compressor description
The compressor is only intended for compressing air. Use to compress other gases requires prior agreement with the machine manufacturer or seller. Such an agreement must be in writing. The compressor may only be used for the specified purpose.

During compressor operation:

Follow the instructions in the manual and warranty book.
Technical and operational checks should be performed by the manufacturer or authorized service using the manufacturer’s parts and consumables.
During the warranty period, only use parts and consumables from the manufacturer.

Basic requirements for the safe transport and positioning of the booster

In addition to the general regulations for occupational safety and technical monitoring, the following rules must be observed:
Use only H&S compliant and Engineering Inspectorate approved lifting equipment to lift the compressor. Fix all rotating or loose parts of the machine before lifting. It is strictly forbidden to stay in the danger zone of the elevator. Machine movement can only be accelerated or decelerated within the applicable limits.
The compressor is transported on wooden pallets, which should be secured against movement during transport. Secure the compressor frame to appropriate brackets on the vehicle platform using cargo straps to prevent shifting or tipping.
All bolting and pipe connections should be appropriately sized and rated for a specific working pressure.
The compressor is not designed for outdoor use.
The compressor should be installed in a closed room with cool and clean ambient air. Never block the flow of air to and from the room. Ensure adequate cooling airflow and extract heated air from the room.
The sucked air should not contain vapors or combustible gases, e.g. Paint thinners that can cause an internal fire.
There must be no objects near the air inlet that could be sucked in with an air jet.
The pressure line connecting the compressor to the compressed air line should allow free expansion due to the heat generated. It must not touch hot objects or flammable materials.

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