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PUREBERG® Water separator


Comprehensive rate water separator with excellent efficiency
PURBERG water separators were developed for the highly efficient removal of bulk materials from compressed air and vacuum systems up to 20 bar. Inside the case is an insert with wings that create a controlled rotation of the air. Due to the centrifugal effect, liquids (water, oil) and large particles are pressed against the housing wall, slowed down and collect at the bottom of the separator housing as condensate. The turbulent free zone in the lower part of the filter housing prevents condensate from being sucked in and “transferred” to the air flow. In order to drain the condensate from the F-WW water separator , it is essential to install an automatic or electronic condensate drain.
Information on the individual water separators can be found on the page for this product. A brief overview of all models of this product can be found at the bottom of this page .

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