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Springs for use in harsh environment, outdoors in marine and offshore applications

The springs are corrosion protected with pre-treatment Delta-Seal (zinc particles) and final surface treatment Magni 565. This provides high-class anti-corrosion protection and is particularly suited for springs without causing risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

The end aluminum scrolls are protected with hard anodizing. This is an electrolytic surface treatment of aluminum which provides a very hard, corrosion resistant surface.

Weights (depending on suffix):

VT4424: 1,20 – 1,50 kg

Natural frequency:

VT4424: 3 – 4 Hz

Amplification factor:

VT4424: < 8 Characteristics Very soft isolators designed for loading in compression only. Maximum excitation amplitude: ± 1 mm. Mechanical strength: 2 g. Temperature range: -90° to +300°C. Applications Isolation of low speed rotating machines such as fans, compressors, generating sets, engines etc. with or without seismic blocks. Protection of fragile equipment from vibrations.

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