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Water injected Screw compressors , KOMPBERG ZWF


Oil-free, water-injected screw compressors are a perfect fit to all applications that require clean compressed air. There is absolutely­ no risk of oil contamination and resulting production downtime – 100% oil-free compressed air is one of the competitive advantages of these screw compressors. 
High reliability as well as low operating and maintenance cost are essential benefits of BERG ZWF compressors. 
BERG water-injected screw compressors of the ZWF ranges, available from 55 to 120 kW, have been developed to ensure economic production of oil-free compressed air. 
A special feature of these compressors protected by utility patent is reflec-ted by the fact that compressor oil usually applied for cooling, sealing, and lubrication has been completely banished from the process of compression. The oil has been replaced by the most natural of all raw materials: water. Being an ideal heat carrier, water takes away the heat of the compression process and thus ­ensures low temperatures in the system. The advantage of low temperatures is a nearly isothermal compression which is extraordinarily cost-efficient at high free air delivery.

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